Dungeons & Dragons - D12 Mug and Sticker


  • This highly detailed Dungeons & Dragons mug is based on the design of the 12-sided D12 dice which is typically used for things like weapon damage during play of the most popular role-playing game in the world. Not to be confused with the D20 dice which has triangular sides, the D12 dice has sides shaped like a pentagon. D12 dice also stack well for those long dice-stacking intervals between combat turns.
  • Crafted with a chrome finish, this shaped ceramic mug also features the ampersand symbol, which has been cleverly transformed into a looping dragon breathing out fire.
  • Included with the mug is a D20 sticker, so you can customize your belongings.
  • A great gift with its oversized design so gamers can play for longer before having to break for a refill, plus it is a fine piece of memorabilia to add to any Dungeons & Dragons collection.
  • Oversized shaped mug and sticker. In a closed printed box.

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