Friends - Beauty Nail Files Set of 4

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Display your love for the outstanding comedy series Friends for all to see and shape your nails in style with this Friends Nail File Set. Each file is decorated with a famous quote associated with Friends. "Oh My God" is Janice's, Chandler's on/off girlfriend, signature saying. Season 10, Episode 14 is when Phoebe goes to get her name changed, and she realizes she can change it to anything she wants, so she changes it to Princess Consuela Banana Hammock. "How You Doin'?" is Joey Tribiani's most famous quote, often used when he approached a beautiful woman. "You Are My Lobster" relates to the scene in the 14th episode of season 2 when Phoebe likens Ross and Rachel to lobsters as (according to Phoebe) lobsters mate for life.

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