Gentle Giant: Star Wars - Praetorian Guard 1:6 Scale Statue Figure

  • A Gentle Giant release
  • Designed and sculpted using the original film costumes and on-set scan data
  • Every detail has been captured in this high-quality limited edition
  • Gloss Black display base
  • Hand-numbered with a matching Certificate of Authenticity
  • The Praetorian Guard was an elite Squad of first-order warriors assigned to guard supreme leader Snoke.
  • Eight Sentinels divided into four pairs and each pairing had a different helmet and unique weapons.
  • These crimson armored warriors are reminiscent of the Emperor's Royal Guard, but unlike those stoic Sentinels, these elite fighters spring into action when their master is threatened!
  • This particular Guard is armed with a bizarre electro-chain whip which, at rest, is solid like a staff and can also be used like a Bludgeon in combat.

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