Star Wars 40th - Darth Vader 9Twenty Adjustable Hat


  • Made from 100% cotton, our purposely rough-looking Star Wars 40th Darth Vader 9Twenty Adjustable Hat is an adjustable cap sporting retro-style patchwork rendered in the shape (and imposing likeness) of Darth Vader!
  • Yes, this heather-gray cap features a patch-like image of Darth Vader surrounded in thick red embroidery and layered in light-blue lettering identifying the stalking, heavy-breathing Sith Lord.
  • To Vader's right sits a metallic Star Wars logo pin surrounded in jagged frames and layered over a pale blue backing.
  • On the right of our immaculate, 40th Anniversary Star Wars cap features the official 40th anniversary patch framed in black embroidery and filled with iconic figures hefting lens-flare-inducing lightsabers. This hat really sells the legend, folks.

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