Is Kryptonite Real ?


Written by McKenzie Myers at Kryptonite Character Store


Kryptonite is a green substance well-known to Superman and comic book fanatics around the globe. Introduced in 1949, the mineral was initially red in color. It wouldn't be until 1951 that kryptonite would have the tell-tale green tint that we all have come to recognize.

Named after the same planet from which Kal-El, Superman, hails from, Krypton, this substance is essentially toxic to any Kryptonian who stands near it. In fact, it can take away the superpowers of the man of steel himself so long as he is in proximity to it. This is because the radiation from the mineral blocks the effects of the yellow sun, the source of Superman's powers, when near Kryptonians.

Is Kryptonite Real?

Now, although this is fictitious, some fans of the comics may be asking, "Is kryptonite real?" And this question is understandable, especially upon discovering there is a noble gas called Krypton. Well, the answer is yes and no. While, yes, kryptonite was created in a work of fiction, some scientists have looked for an element or compound that resembles it. Some have even allegedly succeeded in this endeavor.

So, even though the existence of the very same mineral that can send Superman into a powerless and painful stupor may not be real, Kryptonite Character Store is quite real. Stationed in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee, we have a wide variety of comic book-, movie-, and tv-related merch that would make Superman proud. So take off your Clark Kent glasses and come to see us down at the shop, or just visit our website and see what all we have. We hope to see you soon!


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