5 Underrated Spider-Man games to hype up No Way Home

You know the best Spidey games, but what about these?

Fans of the titular high school student slash super hero have likely played all the best and most notorious Spidey games. Games like Insomniacs Spider-Man and Spiderman 2 are not only great and extremely popular games, but with Marvel's No Way Home film being scheduled in December, super fans like us need more. Here's some of the most underrated games to hold you over.


5: The Amazing Spiderman 2


This alternate universe of the mostly panned movie of the same title (not me though, it was sweet!) video game tie-in can be seen as a boring cash grab by most - simply because it's predecessor was just that. But, developer Beenox had different ideas -- and took every complaint to heart. The story including as many sweet villains , dialogue variants and more helps, but it Including a morality system, webs that actually swing from building, and a complex fighting system sold it. Although its a simple 7 hour adventure, the genuinely readable comic books can take an extra 15 hours to discover and are satisfying enough to warrant such. The game is pricey though, as it was taken off online stores due to licensing issues. If you can find it for around $60 -- definitely pick this one up!


4: Spider-Man and Venom: Maximum Carnage

(SNES, Master System)

This classic arcade style beat em' up was not only a shocker, but was a commercial and critical success warranting the newfound success of Venom and Carnage as characters. The game was short, sweet, and was packed full of 18 bit references. The ability to play as both characters was memorable, but the red cartridge was a powerful statement that this game was serious. If you have a Sega Master System or SNES, do yourself a favor a pick this up ASAP!


3: Ultimate Spider-Man


This game based off of the comic book series titled the same, is not only a stylish romp, but an addicting one. This game was well received for its addicting gameplay, comic feeling story, and long length. Clocking in at 14 hours, playing as venom and Spiderman in this romp is beyond enjoyable, and was supreme on the GameCube's controller. We implore you, pick this one up. Its like playing an actual comic.


 2: Spiderman: Shattered Dimensions

(XBOX 360, PS3, Nintendo DS, Nintendo Wii)

This fan-adored game comes from the same developers as the previously mentioned Amazing Spider-Man 2 game, but in an entirely new form factor. This game lets the player indulge in 3 levels as 4 different Spidey's, each in a unique dimension. Each section plays different, giving the game supreme variety, and not to mention is all star cast of cameos and it's great story. This game is a winner.


1. Spider-Man: Web of Shadows

(XBOX 360, PS3, WII)

This game was amazing. Simple. You could truly be an evil Spiderman, or you could be a hero. Fight Wolverine and Luke Cage or befriend them? This game let every choice be your own, and considering how supreme the combat and swinging was. This is an amazing game, get it as soon as possible.

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