A Gift Guide For The Music Fan

Here at Kryptonite, to be honest, we love everything! From anime to comics, to music and television. So trust me, we know how to shop. But, what if you're more into classic Opera rather than what's popular in music? Well guess what! We got you, dude. Here is 5 of the best items you can get a music fan, categorized!

#5: For The Heavy Rock Fan

If you like Heavy Rock, you like Iron Maiden. Its that simple. The heavy metal band has influenced the world of rock as we know it, and as such: received TWO lines of Funko POP! Lucky for you, we have series one!

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#4: For The Pop Music Fan

If you are living, you know who Billie Eilish is. The phrase "Unless you live under a rock" doesn't even apply with her. The pop mega-star has influenced the entire world, empowering men and woman alike at only 19 years old. Whether for you girlfriend, or you bro-friend, you can't go wrong with our huge line of Billie Eilish apparel!

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#3: For The Hip-Hop Fan:

The legendary Tupac is a nation-wide inspiration. His music -- known, beautiful, classic. His persona -- confident, humble, gentleman. In my opinion, repping all those qualities in a single tee, is perfect for any fan of music. Plus, you can add our Tupac Funko POP! with it for just 13.99. Oh yeah.

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#2: For The Classic Rock Fan

This album cover? Legendary. There's no better word for it. Everyone who sees this will say "Classic" or "Pink Floyd!". Even though the art is likely on 35% of Americas walls, I think its better on you. Who wouldn't wanna have this badass tee on?

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#1: For The Nostalgic Fan


Have the legend himself on your wall. This wall art is in a quality wood frame, with a roughly textured custom made design, portraying a 1972 David Bowie concert. Anyone who comes to your home will be in awe at your stylish choice.

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Did we miss any? Let us know in the comments above!

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