Belle (2022) Review


A modern take on an American classic.

Posted by Xander Conley Jan. 13 2022

Anime Beauty and the Beast?

American animation has always borrowed from the classic tropes of Japanese animation, but what about when anime borrows from the notorious likes of Disney?

Belle is a modern take on Disney's Beauty in the Beast, but rather than being a uninventive rehash, the film takes the concept and moves it into the realm of a virtual world called "U", much like the world's current Meta-verse.

The film's protagonist uses "U" as a getaway, before becoming a worldwide sensation with her singing ability, and then finding a threat to that career with the "Monster" (or beast).

From this point forward, it is a classic tale in a cyber-punk enviroment. But what truly carries 'Belle', is it's 2D to 3D art styles, that switch depending on the enviroment. Each is beautifully animated and drawn, and is accompanied by a full orchestrated soundtrack. Without these artistic differences, the movie would not have faired as well, truthfully.

This film's curse in essence, is being another Disney film in regards to its story. Some may find it's over 2 hour runtime tedious, which it would be if not for the musical set pieces.



Belle (2022)

"Fun, heart-warming, beautiful, and sort of tedious. "


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