Disney+ Winning Hearts with 'Nostalgic Movies'

Disney has always had a way of making us channel our inner child, and they’ve done it again by releasing these ‘Nostalgic Movies’ on Disney+. Here’s what we suggest watching from this list whether it’s for the 100th time or the first.

Honey, I Shrunk the Kids

It’s goofy, it’s family friendly, and it brings about a whole new perspective (and fear) of raindrops and ants. This movie is the ultimate unrealistic scenario that we’ve all imagined at some point brought to life, kinda like our innate and irrational fear of quicksand, but in a more lighthearted setting.

The Parent Trap

We all remember Lindsay Lohan and the famous lizard-in-the-mouth scene, but the original The Parent Trap was released in 1961 and is just as heartwarming. If nothing else, you’ll get to bask in the fantasy of life in the early 60s with the classic fashion and dreamy decor. 

Old Yeller

Grab the tissues! Everyone loves a good dog movie, but if there’s one thing we’ve learned from them, it’s that you will cry. Old Yeller is the O.G. of tear-worthy canine flicks.

The Rescuers

It wouldn’t be Disney without some adorable animation. The Rescuers has the basics:  cute mice, sweet accents, and a happily ever after. Originally released in 1977, it also has some political undertones that we won’t get into here.




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