7 of the Craziest Moments in Marvel!
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Marvel isn't scared of making you go "...what?", I mean just look at their new Disney+ show 'What if...'! But, these marvel moments were even further, more like a "Oh s*%t!" moment. Be warned.. things get INSANE! Here's our top 7 craziest moments in Marvel comics!

#7: The Reveal of Marvel's Illuminati

Introduced in the New Avengers #7 (2005), Marvel's rendition of the Illuminati represented all parts of society in life, from common-man to genius to leader. It's original members included Tony Stark, Professor X, Doctor Strange, and more -- not to mention Black Panther and Captain America issues later. The secret society each comprised of helming 1 infinity stone acted as the last defense for the universe, if need be. This reveal was not only shocking, but left fans wondering, what event would require such power?



#6: The Night Gwen Stacy Died

The Night Gwen Stacy Died is multiple things: the turning point for Peter Parker, a unforgettable comic event, and one of the most known arcs of any Spiderman comic. Debuting in July of 1973, Green Goblin kidnaps and ultimately kills Spiderman's one love -- Gwen Stacy. After Spidey vows to kill Green Goblin, the character's high school and immature persona dies, and changes the trajectory of the character forever. Dramatic, huh?



#5: Doctor Doom Becomes Omni-Potent

Even though this character has been a literal god in the hundreds of times, and damn near close thousands -- it continues to shock us. Whether Molecule Man enslaves Doom, or Doom kills half of the Marvel universe -- it is known Doom will stop at nothing to have the power of a God, even if just to lose it.



#4: The Punisher Steamrolls Wolverine

In this rendition of The Punisher, Castle comes across a long time enemy (or friend depending on how you view it), and to put it lightly, it isn't fun and games. Castle uses a sawed off shotgun to blog Wolverine's face clean off, to continue to shoot his tool off and then... steamroll him? Yeah, Wolverine was flattened. This was not only grotesque, but terrifying as the comic acted as if that was the death of Wolverine. Try and find another comic where Wolverine screams and pleads another hero to stop, I dare you.



#3: Any Deadpool Comic

If you know anything about Deadpool, you know he is crude, loud, and most of all -- gruesome. Statistically, there is not a single Deadpool led comic without blood, and it is very rare for body parts and f-bombs to fly everywhere. A first reader will definitely need to set the comic down, or at least we did!



#2: Marvel Zombies

Imagine this: The world is overrun by zombies and even the earth's mightiest can't win, what happens? That's exactly what Marvel Zombies aims to tell. Although it acts as more of a 'What if?' story, with even cyclops or a straight cyborg being infected, the gore and uncensored zombification is enough to keep you interested... or disgusted!



#1: Thanos wipes out half of the universe

The Mad Titan in MCU's Infinity War is properly terrifying, sure -- but compared to his comic version, he's cute! In this miniseries, Thanos has no reasoning besides impressing Lady Death, even if it means tearing his daughter's (Gamora) skin off. When he snaps away the universe at the BEGINNING of the series, even the cosmic greats like Silver Surfer cry in fear of Thanos. If that isn't crazy, what is?!



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