The Matrix Resurrections Review


A new Matrix or more of the same?

Posted by Xander Conley Dec. 23rd 2021

Better than expected?

Rather than being the reboot that was assumed to be coming for the once dormant series, Resurrections is a direct sequel to the finale of the trilogy, even if it doesn't exactly feel like it.

Because of this being a direct continuation, the film generally feels like a safe space for Matrix fans, but it's hard to ignore the larger potential for a meta-reboot. The first 45 minutes show Neo stuck in a new modern day Matrix, and it is tonally and visually a different film from the previous. When the action began though, a grin shot across the theaters faces. Bullet time sequences and choppy mid 2000's camera cuts make this feel like a Matrix movie, but I found myself conflicted as to if I wanted a continuation.

Because it has been nearly a decade since the last offical Matrix film, the newest entry relies HEAVILY on nostalgia, and even if it was fun, it became more of a trick to keep you satisfied. If it wasn't for these tricks though, I am sure this film would have a much lower score.

The acting is great, but the script is stiff. The action is nostalgic and fun, but lacks substance. The easter eggs are often hilarious, but are shoved in your face. This movie is full of 'buts', yet it is still more fun than anything else I've seen this year. Being extremely conflicted on whether this film should exist, I can at least confidently say if you enjoy any Matrix flick, you'll get the ticket's price worth. If not more.



The Matrix Resurrections

"Nostalgic yet unnecessary. If you enjoy the franchise, this is a non-offensive entry"


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