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Posted by Xander Conley, 17th Dec. 2021

Did No Way Home live up to the hype?

Tom Holland's third and possibly final entry as the friendly neighborhood hero not only reached the level of hype social media accrued, but surpassed it tenfold.

Without spoiling the film beyond what the countless leaks did already, this film is NOT for MCU fans -- but for Spider-man fans through and through. Fans of any Marvel property will enjoy this joy-ride, but it is clear director Jon Watts made this to be as fun as possible for fans of the hero's entire legacy in film.

The action in this film is less like a carefully executed sequence, but a rollercoaster of easter eggs and jaw-dropping moments. Although the action is small in substance, it is fun -- in all the right ways. Watching the Sinister Six or even Doctor Strange combat Holland's Spider-Man is thrilling and fast, and does not waste anytime gettting to the *punch*.

The story on the other hand, is slightly underwhelming. Although it is a mostly original story, the abundance of trailers and leaks made this less of a film and more of an experience. Without the leaks, this may have been groundbreaking. But, that does not mean it's lacking in awe and raw emotion. Don't be surprised if you cry at least once during this. Raw emotion is what carries the story, as it truly feels for the first time that Spider-Man is not a hero, but just a kid in a Spider-Man suit.

Given the films hype, it felt obvious to expect this movie to not live up to its otherworldly hype. But, it really surpasses it. The film is an essential film for any filmgoer, and a true love letter to Spider-Man -- given this may be Holland's final romp as the titular hero.

So essentially -- watch this on the biggest screen possible as soon as you can.

Spider-Man: No Way Home Review

"Essential viewing for any fan. Littered with easter eggs and fan service in a thrilling fashion."


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