Why now is THE time to get into Demon Slayer

Should I get into Demon Slayer? What even is it? What Demons? What's that thing in her mouth? These are all questions I myself asked before delving into the eventual collectors dream (or nightmare) and Japanese culture fanatics heaven. The show from the same parent company who helmed Death Note, One Piece, Naruto, and more -- is actually the newest manga to anime adaptation yet, and for good reason. Here's why now is the perfect time to hop in


Demon Slayer is getting a game adaptation

Coming out Mid-October 2021 internationally, this retelling of Season 1's story is developed by the same company who made the infamous Ninja Storm games. The gameplay is arcade style combat arena action, for up to four players or single in a story mode. This game looks sweet, and is a simple fun excuse to revisit the awesome story that is Demon Slayer.


demon slayer

Demon slayer is getting a live action adaptation

This unique stage performed take currently being performed in Japan is not only currently beloved in Japan, but looks awesome! Although no current plans for an English voiced or American version of this play, you can watch the full performance in subtitles on Youtube. It isn't as good as the show per reports, but it is a unique retelling of the Demon Slayer Manga as a whole, so beware of spoilers!


Season Two is on its way

With the second season being a short two months from releasing, re-watching or watching the show again has never been better timed. Enjoy the manga novels 7-13 in full colored animation! Although exactly accurate to the manga, seeing the action and drama in motion and color is the BEST way to watch.



There's 20 full length manga novels of Demon Slayer

After initially watching season 1 of Demon Slayer, all i wanted was MORE. Luckily, I discovered that there was over 20 full length books that were exactly the story as intended, but in English! Only significant downside? They're all in black and white.

Whether not your a fan of anime or not, it shouldn't matter here. This franchise has some of the best storytelling and overall design in any anime period. We'd even say it narrowly beats Death Note within its manga's story. Check it out, because it is only going to get bigger!


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