Capsule Gashapon Vending Machine Metal Token



This Capsule Gashapon Vending Machine Metal Token is ideal for quick and easy access when buying from vending machines. It is made from durable metal and offers an efficient and convenient way of making purchases.

  • 100 Metal Token 
  • 70212 Shibaberos Dog Monster Figurine
  • 70245 Cat Frame Figurine
  • 70829 TURNING DOG
  • 70902 Saluting Cat Figurines
  • 70911 Windy Pets Figurines
  • 70979 Shall We Dance Cat Figurine
  • 99912 - Empty Capsule Balls

Please note: Item selection is random. We cannot accept requests for specific items, nor can we accept returns on items you may receive duplicates. Just 1 capsule per token.

Payment & Security

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