Liquid Glitter - Floaty Lucky Charm Keychain


Material: Fruitmilk Carton

Add some extra personality where ever you go! Beautiful detailed charms of Silly Animals and Foods.

Each come with a key ring and a clip. Perfect for any bag, backpack, key sets, or even used a toy figurine! 

 Assorted Designs

  • Fruitmilk Carton: (Peach Miee, Pineapple Milk, Orange Milk, Watermelon Milk)2½”x1½”x1½”
  • Unicorn Love : 2½”x1½”x1½”
  • Pastel Round Top Boba: ½”x1½”x1½”.
  • Cat Ufo: ½”x1½”x1½”.
  • Astronaut: ½”x1½”x1½”

Please note: Item selection is random. We cannot accept requests for specific items, nor can we accept returns on items you may receive duplicates.

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