Kirby - Twinchees Soft Vinyl Figures Mystery Blind Bag



Introducing Kirby - Twinchees Figures Mystery Blind Bag, a collectible surprise bag featuring Kirby and his adorable Twinchees friends. With a wide variety of possible figures to collect, each bag offers a unique and fun experience for fans of the beloved video game series.

  • 1pc will be randomly selected and sent
  • Collect all 8 Types!
  • Approx. Length: 1.5"
  • Officially Licensed

Includes: One item

Since the appearance in “Kirby’s Dream Land 2”, Rick Kine and Coo have become very popular and now have appeared in the “Kirby’s Dream Land Manmaru Soft Vinyl Figure” series! Despite its palm size, its cuteness and presence is something you cannot ignore. Enjoy it side by side on desks and shelves! Each soft vinyl figure is approximately 5.5cm! Collect all 8!

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